This is intended for people who start their vehicle, on their drive or on the road ,to warm up  the engine and defrost the vehicle.
People often return in to their house, for whatever reason, and that can result in the theft of or the theft from a vehicle with the result being that drivers are then not able to claim for any loses, from the insurance company, again due to the keys being left in the ignition. 
Our advice is not to leave your vehicle unattended whilst the keys are in the ignition at any time.  
May I bring the following important information to your attention?  Police in Kent would like to make people aware of the following report on BBC’s “Watchdog” programme featured on 4 November 2010 about the following survey that is soon to be sent to over 1 million homes.
N-Power, Unilever and Talk Talk are among the many companies sponsoring a survey that is to be sent out by TNT. They request you fill in a questionnaire detailing your personal information and to leave it on your doorstep in an unsealed paper bag for collection the following day. 
The questionnaire is five pages long and contains one hundred and eighty six questions about your personal circumstances.
The Information Commissioner's Office has stated that;
"These surveys usually require people to provide a large amount of personal information - ranging from whether they have any outstanding medical conditions, to details of their household income. Anyone approached to fill in one of these surveys should think twice before leaving information like this on their doorstep. They should be aware that anyone could potentially pick it up, opening the way to identity theft. People completing these forms should also understand who will have access to their information and what it will be used for." 
More advice and information is available from the Watchdog website link. <http:/www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2010/11/tnt survey.html